Ted was born and raised in Atlantic, Iowa, where his family owned and published the daily newspaper. –Doesn’t sound like much until you learn Iowa has more dailies per capita than any other state and Atlantic’s was #1 in the state among rural dailies.  It was #6 nationally and highly rated based on integrity, value and subscriptions.  He graduated from a Top Five J-School with a BS Journalism-Advertising degree and returned to Atlantic to work in the family business.  After three generations of ownership, the family sold the newspaper in 1989. He and wife Mary moved to Austin in 1996. She has worked in women’s clothes retailing the entire time, while Ted became a licensed Texas Realtor in 2002, bringing the same integrity and value to his real estate clients.  Together they attend the Austin Stone Community Church.  As with newspapering, Ted wants to educate his clients so they have a smooth ride to closing.  There are many hurdles along the way and he wants to clear them all.  Protecting his clients’ interests and financial investments is Job #1.

His areas of expertise are re-locations, first-time buyers and people selling to move up or out. He isn’t your typical Realtor; he is honest and will answer a client directly about floorplan, resale, market value and updates in order to benefit the client long-term.  Free of charge he also counsels sellers on staging their homes to sell quickly and for more money. There are many service providers touching every transaction, creating potential pitfalls and Ted watches out for all of them by looking ahead so they can be anticipated and avoided. Number one task is making sure the clients’ goals are ultimately and super-satisfactorily achieved.  Perfection is the goal.

Giving back

Ted has empathy for his clients and recalls, “When we moved to Austin and called a major company Realtor, we figured we’d get some good assistance finding the right place. But after we’d been out with the agent only three times and seen ten homes, she told us we were not serious! She quit working with us, so we were left alone to find a place. Looking back, he is sure a capable Realtor’s good negotiation skills could have gotten us a better price and terms from the home builder.”

Ted has taken that first experience with a Realtor to heart and vowed not to work that way with his clients who are searching for homes in the Austin area.  He will give the amount of time and attention needed to make the experience both successful and enjoyable. While many transactions in this business never make it to the closing table, Ted’s clients truly miss out very rarely, as a result of him paying attention to even the smallest of details.

Working as a Realtor since early 2002 has taught him what to watch out for, which title companies come through best, which inspectors know their vocation best, which surveyors offer the best product and value and so forth. Equipped with this knowledge, Ted is ready, willing and able to educate his clients with all there is to know so they can make the best decisions possible. Let Ted work for you. Call him for a free, no-obligation consultation. Get to know each other, develop a winning chemistry, and proceed towards success with a dependable, knowledgeable Realtor in your corner!

Ted Simpson, REALTOR.  512.217.5377